We are a consultancy helping companies to get better results, direction and progress in sales and marketing. That leads to measurable and notable impact.

Our analytical, scalable, data-driven approach gives you more value from your sales and marketing budgets through a joint, cross-functional effort for better business.

Why Messbar

You wouldn’t ask a builder to design your new house, would you?

messbar is your architect and advisor, when you propose to build a new property in the ever-changing digital landscape. We don’t have any craftsmen on the payroll and can give you independent consultancy and advice.

Our focus is your business and your market. That’s why we begin by analyzing the terrain and looking at the options. We want to establish common ground before preparing the foundation. We often find – unlike your agency – that you don’t need a bigger budget to reach your goal.

We speak business language with C-level personnel and with board members. We speak geek language with online marketing specialists and developers. We believe that marketing is at its most valuable to a business when the parties fully understand each other.

messbar helps you with:


– How far do you get on your marketing budget today? Where are you going? And where are your competitors heading? Our analysis starts out with your data and market, to give you a common overview of the situation and the possibilities.


– Your clients don’t buy your products because of their features. They buy if you make their lives easier. We tailor your messaging to your various audiences, so clients see the value of your offering rather than just picking the cheapest option.


– We deliver a detailed plan that helps you prioritize the efforts in sales and marketing that will have the biggest business impact. With the plan you will know what to do, and in what order – calibrated with your budget and business goals, of course.


– We help you pick the right tools and set up a working team of the right specialists that can boost your sales and marketing. We make sure that your suppliers are on track and deliver as expected.

Meet Messbar

messbar means “measurable” in German. But we are Danish, and we have a strong network and experience in how to go to market in Denmark. We believe that if the great thoughts and visions become measurable and actionable, they also become remarkable.

We are three experienced consultants with different backgrounds and methods contribute to the best solution by blending business development, marketing and data.

Søren Schnedler

Søren Schnedler

Søren specializes in helping companies become more attractive to their clients. His special framework ensures that your company presents its best features in all you say and do – and that is not just a marketing or communication issue. Søren is known for understanding business opportunities very well, and has helped a ton of companies improve their bottom lines.

Joakim Ditlev

Joakim Ditlev

Joakim is Mr. Content Marketing in Denmark. He got a jump start by working with content marketing in the U.S. long before it became a thing in Denmark. He knows the challenges, as a head of marketing as well as a consultant. Theories and models have been transformed into actions and actual results for hundreds of companies via his marketing blog, workshops, and master classes.

Magnus Møller Petersen

Magnus Møller Petersen

Magnus has worked with product development for more than 20 years specializing in digital tools, automation of systems and processes, data processing and analysis within development, sales and marketing. Magnus is creative and pragmatic. For him, it’s about working together to develop solutions that support the business and that enable you to make proactive and value-creating decisions.

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